Is your car working the way it should? Drivability issues can have a major effect on your vehicle's on-road performance. Often the cause of these problems is linked to issues with systems such as the Distributor, powertrain, or ignition just to name a few. Drivability is not only an annoyance, it also causes major problems that can lead to break downs. With the use of the latest diagnostics techniques our certified mechanics will find the cause of your drivability issue and fix it right away. Bring your car in today and be satisfied and confident with your vehicle’s performance!


At Colonial Beach Auto, we offer a wide range of services for your vehicle. Learn more about our services below, or schedule your appointment today by contacting us.




Your vehicle relies on many electrical components to work properly. Parts such as the fuses and wires, battery, and alternator control core functions such as ignition. Problems within the electrical system can lead to reduced gas mileage, reduced performance, or even refusal to start. Schedule an appointment today to run simple diagnostics on your electrical system in order to prevent future problems.



The engine is one of the most important components of your vehicle. A malfunctioning engine can cause several performance issues and breakdowns. Since your engine consists of many different parts, it is important to only allow a professional to work on it. If you want to increase the lifetime and durability of your vehicle, trust our certified mechanics with your engine today.



You rely on your vehicle’s steering and suspension system every day. A properly maintained system is essential to the safety of your driving experience. Our Certified Mechanics will look at all components of your steering and suspension system including sway bars, ball joints, rods, and more to ensure that every piece is working perfectly. Don’t take safety for granted! Let us fix your steering and suspension today.



Our fully equipped collision repair shop and top quality computerized paint matching system can restore any vehicle to like-new condition.

Modern cars contain complex computer systems that regulate important functions including air bags, alarm systems, anti-lock brakes, traction control, gauges, transmission, and engine controls. If your car is experiencing performance issues or if your “Check Engine Light” is on, don’t waste time and money using trial and error methods! Our Certified Mechanics use the latest computer diagnostic equipment to find out the root cause of your car troubles. Hurry in today for complete computer diagnostics and eliminate the issue before you cause permanent damage to your vehicle. It is quicker and more effective.




Reliable breaks are very important to your safety when driving a motor vehicle. Since you never know what lies on the road ahead, it is important to know that you can rely on your brakes when you need them. Being able to stop quickly can prevent many accidents and save lives. Our brake repair specialists will inspect your vehicle for brake fluid level, worn pads and shoes, proper lubrication, and test your braking system to make sure everything is working properly. Are your brakes reliable? Don’t hesitate to contact our brake repair specialists right away.



Even during the winter season, regular maintenance on your vehicle’s AC system is very important. The Air Conditioning system consists of many components including belts, fluid, and hoses. Wear and tear occurs on these components even when the AC system is not being use. Is the heat a nightmare during the summer? Bring us your vehicle for air conditioning services whenever you want.



Is your car idling funny or making excessive noise? You may have an issue with your exhaust system or muffler. A properly functioning exhaust system improves drivability and reduces emissions. Does the noise your car emits at a traffic light embarrass you? Don’t be shame by your noisy vehicle! Let our certified mechanics fix your exhaust troubles today.



Overheating is a severe problem that can cause permanent engine damage and break downs. Your vehicle’s coolant system consists of many parts such as the electric fan, radiator, and water pump that keep your engine at the optimal temperature. Another component of your coolant system is actual coolant often referred to as anti-freeze. Much like engine oil, the effectiveness of this fluid is decreased by regular use. If you don’t remember the last time you changed your coolant or experience any signs of overheating, don’t wait to get stranded, bring your vehicle in today.

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